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CES 2023 from ModernTV perspective: A lots of new promising TV technology to look out for
Industry News
19. 01. 2023

CES 2023 from ModernTV perspective: A lots of new promising TV technology to look out for

Annual CES conference took place last week in Las Vegas and while we did not physically attend it, we were still excited to see what news the event would bring. As OTT and VOD technology solution provider, ModernTV tries to constantly follow new trends in the business segment to offer the best service to its customers. So naturally we closely followed what new technologies were presented during CES 2023.

Uniq OLED TV by LG

We were happy to see a number of new TV devices from well known companies using operational systems that our solution can support. One of them is a large 97-inch OLED TV from LG that is unique by its zero connect technology – meaning the TV itself is only connected to power, while other devices like gaming consoles and set-top boxes are connected to separate box from which is the image then sent wirelessly to the TV in up to 4K 120Hz quality. This improves how can the TV be arranged and its better overall cable-free look.

Roku TV offers its first SmartTV

A lot of other known TV brands also announced their new lineup of televisions. But among the biggest surprises was RokuTV and the introduction of its own first series of smart TVs. As one of the smartOS that ModernTV solution supports is also RokuTV, we are excited to see where their own brand of TVs will lead to.

Among other memorable news from the conference were for example Google’s announcementof 150 millions of monthly active users of its Android TV OS or the innovative startup project of fully wireless television called Displace TV.

ModernTV reflects current trends

Overall we have positive feelings about the CES 2023. We are happy to see the new and unique devices in an expanding and diverse portfolio of available televisions on the current market. As an OTT/VOD platform provider we are happy to learn about all the new devices which our viewers and customers might use to watch their favorite content on our platform.

ModernTV solution supports all of the major smartTVs operating systems currently on market – like AndroidTV, LG, Samsung or RokuTV. If you are interested in launching your own OTT or VOD service, don’t hesitate to contact us through our web form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

*(intro photo: LG)