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Elevate Your
Monetization Options

Our OTT platform will help you boost your bottom line while giving your users an exceptional streaming experience. Choose from a range of monetization options that can be tailored to your specific needs, from subscription-based models to ad-supported plans. We'll empower you with the tools to make the most of your monetization strategy and upselling opportunities.


Unlock Upselling With Ease

Let's simplify the process of offering and selling additional packages and services. With targeted messages sent within our apps, highlight the value of these additional offers and encourage your users to upgrade or add on. So whether it's premium content or bonus features, we have the tools you need to communicate your pitch effectively and with ease, driving upsell opportunities and increasing revenue.


Themed Packages: Enhance How You Sell Content

Step up your game by offering themed packages tailored to specific interests. From child-friendly channels to documentaries or sports, your content bundles can be curated to resonate with any of your audience segments. Diversify your content offerings and cater to niche interests—you'll effectively upsell while also providing your subscribers a more personalized experience.


Next-Level User Experience With Added Services

Make your subscribers even happier by offering added paid services, such as simultaneous streams, extended time-shift, or increased nPVR capacity. We provide flexible options to meet diverse user needs.


Drive User Growth With Vouchers

Attract new subscribers with vouchers. Our OTT platform can easily help you set up and manage your offers, including limited-time free access. It's a clever way to make the most out of your marketing efforts.


Monetize Your VOD Content

Whether through subscription-based VOD (sVOD) or transactional VOD (tVOD), our platform lets you add VOD titles to packages or sell them independently. Your users can access bundled VOD titles with a subscription, or they can buy them individually. Flexibility is king!


Dynamic Ad Insertion Made Simple

Comply with current broadcasting regulations and unlock new revenue streams by limiting ad skipping in channel broadcasts or implementing custom advertisements.


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