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It's important to create the perfect place for your subscribers to experience all your top-notch content across all devices. Dive into our OTT platform's customizable interface, ready for you to communicate your brand any way you want.

Support for Tons of Devices

Give your audience the freedom to enjoy your content anytime, anywhere, anyhow on any device. We ensure full accessibility, from web browsers to all the major apps, from Android and Apple to LG and Samsung Smart TVs—even the latest popular devices, like Roku TV.

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Choose your style

Our Platform Your Brand

Every inch of our platform will proudly bear your colors, logo, and brand identity so there's no confusion about whose content people are watching. And since it's our platform, we'll handle all the app publication so you're present in every app store.

Seamless Viewing Across All Devices

Create a unified, user-friendly user experience for your subscribers across desktop, smartphones, and TV. All their favorite content is just a tap away—easy!

User Profiles

Personalized entertainment for all! Each family member can watch whatever they prefer on their own individual profiles.

Favorite Content

You've got loads of great content—don't let it slip through your subscribers' fingers! They can easily label their favorite content or save it for later.

Continue Watching

Don't miss any drama! Users can resume any show or movie with just one click and pick up where they left off—on any device.

Favorite Channels

Keep your go-to channels at your fingertips. Your users will never forget their favorite channels—it's never been easier!

The Power of Viewing Control

Give your subscribers the ultimate control over their viewing experience. With time-shift, catch-up, and recordings, they'll be the masters of their schedules once again.


Targeted Marketing Messages

Stay in touch with your subscribers through personalized, targeted messages. From content recommendations and updates on new channels to notifications about price changes, keep your users effortlessly informed and engaged, driving growth for your business.

Make a bigger splash with eye-catching visuals and links in your messages. You can also target specific subscriber groups, driving engagement and upsell opportunities.

Content Recommendations

Discover our content recommendation options!

Manual Recommendation allows you to curate the content displayed on your subscribers' homescreens.

Automated Recommendation filters by defined parameters (e.g., genre, year, country, rating, etc.) and then populates homescreens with instant suggestions.

AI-Powered Recommendation uses the integrated Recombee AI to create personalized suggestions based on users' viewing history.

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