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Introducing latest features and changes to ModernTV platform
Platform News
07. 02. 2023

Introducing latest features and changes to ModernTV platform

Today we are thrilled to present you with the latest upgrades and enhancements to our OTT platform. With a commitment to providing our clients and their users with the best possible viewing experience, we have added several new features in the last weeks that will improve the way people watch their favorite content on our platform.

The new features are designed to provide users with a more comfortable and efficient experience, making it easier than ever to find and watch the content they love. Whether it’s browsing through the history of their favorite channels through a brand new EPG, or discovering their next favorite film on newly designed homescreen, clients from all around the world can offer their users an even smoother and more intuitive experience when using ModernTV solution.

Redesign of homescreen on SmartTV

We are happy to present a new look of homescreen for LG and Samsung platforms. The redesign was previously already introduced on AndroidTV. With our new homescreen, users are able to quickly and easily find their favorite channels, return to the movie or series they have already started watching or choose something new to watch from recommendations.

Enhancement of EPG and login screen

Our team also improved our Electronic program guide (EPG) and the login screen on the SmartTV systems. Navigating the EPG on supported platforms like LG and Samsung is now a much smoother and clearer experience when browsing the television program.

The login screen into the LG and Samsung apps is now also improved with three different ways users can login into their accounts on their TV – with their credentials, with QR code or with PIN code.

Improvement of movie detail

Last but not least our team also improved the webpage with detailed information about the movies and series. All the information is now much more organized. It is now also much easier to find similar content to watch thanks to our recommendation system.