Modern features

The same level of experience across all devices

User interface

Definition of simplicity and intuition

Content-first approach

Offer the content in the most impressive way

Recommendation engine

The evaluation process consists of two stages. The first step is obtaining similar events based on genre, actors, etc. The second step is gathering these data and enhancing them with community preferences. Behavior patterns revealed that users only watch a few TV channels on a regular basis, so we have brought them a shortcut – Favourite channels. For those who watch something rather than anything, we have designed Recommendations.

Electronic program guide

We have enhanced our EPG with Timeframe zooming and, regardless of the channel’s content duration, the user is able to easily adjust the amount of time displayed on the screen – from whole days for movies to barely an hour for children cartoons, the decision is yours.

Smart sections

Inspired by leading VOD services, we have created a visually rich dynamic TV show section called “Recommendations”, which contains available events and also offers tips for upcoming events that might interest subscribers. The Content management system is enriched with data from external databases. Users select content to watch based on descriptions, ratings, and other additional information. An indispensable function is the automatic recording of series and the grouping of available episodes into one detail of a given program.

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