Custom development

Custom development In early 2022, we were approached by our biggest customer SledovaniTV with a request for a custom development for their ModernTV platform. The largest Czech broadcaster Prima TV changed policy according to which they will grant broadcasting rights only if the TV service provider will implement a new feature to limit or ban…

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Hybrid set-top box

ModernTV release a Hybrid Set-top box In cooperation with a set-top box partner, ModernTV has recently released its new platform – a hybrid set-top box. These new hybrid STBs are supporting not only unicast streaming but also IP multicast streaming as well as one of the transmission methods of digital video broadcasting (DVB) – terrestrial,…

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User profiles

User Profiles At ModernTV, we work hard to release functions and features that our customers and their subscribers will fall in love with. This time with our newest feature, we will please them all. We are releasing user profiles. On one hand, a great marketing tool to attract new subscribers while on the other, a hassle-free…

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Battle of Video Codecs | H.264 vs. H.265

Battle of Video CodecsH.264 vs. H.265 When streaming over a network, especially the Internet, there is an imminent need to compress the video to the lowest size possible while maintaining the highest quality. Two factors influence this process the most. The first one is the transcoding algorithm and it’s optimization, the second one is the…

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Subtitle processing

Subtitle processing – unique and technically sophisticated There are several approaches to subtitle processing, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The ModernTV system is unique, technically sophisticated, and differs significantly from how subtitles are processed by other competitive platforms. In this article, we will discuss all the most known and tell you more about…

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ModernTV and EZDRM parthership

New Partnership with EZDRM Offers Reliable, Content First and Secure Video Service Solution Together with EZDRM, and its innovative DRM service, we have created a partnership that underscores the compatibility of our comprehensive IPTV/OTT solution. This partnership offers assurance to customers that their video service implementation will be reliable and secured from unauthorized viewing. “We…

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